Yes! Willow thinks you are amazing for picking this activity. Each one of us has something that we are really good at that we can use to become an everyday hero. How might you use your special talent, interests, or skills help another person who needs your help, or how can you encourage another to be their best self? Willow would like to feature your project! Send us a photo of your project or link to your YouTube™ video of your performance! »

Wondrous Willow Award

Willow’s activity requires you to be your best self by entirely using your imagination to create your own project. Are you up for the challenge? Willow knew you were pretty special! Here are some ideas to get you started!

  • Create a one-person skit or get together with friends to act out being an everyday hero.
  • Create an art project such as a collage, poster, or diorama on what makes a hero.
  • Tell a true story or write/read a fictional story about being an every day hero.


E-mail Willow a Photo or Link to Your Video