Orville is such a scamp! If he’s not dive-bombing Willow, trying to eat her, he’s going after Skipper’s grubs. And you don’t steal Skipper’s food–ever! Skipper has left a grub near the roots of a Quaking Aspen tree where Skipper’s foot once became entangled. When Orville swoops down to pluck the grub off the root, be a hero by helping Orville prevent his left wing tip from getting caught in the very same root by answering two out of three questions before the answers appear.

Help Orville to Fly Right

What kind of animal is Orville? (Hint: He’s red.)
What is Orville’s cousin’s name?
What does Orville like to drop into the stream that Coral mistakes as food?
Orville is a cardinal. His cousin is Neville. Bird poo!


Did you answer the questions correctly?