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Wondrous Willow

Willow's Wonders

You might be an everyday hero and not even know it!

Clean up trash on your own, or organize a neighborhood clean-up party. Be sure to follow adult and authority guidelines.

Plant flowers that attract butterflies. Ask an adult for help choosing a location. A lemonade stand can help raise funds for supplies.

Surprise your mom and dad by offering to babysit siblings or do a chore you would normally complain about.

Offer to help an older neighbor with yard clean-up or shovel the sidewalk in winter when it snows without being asked.

Help a shy classmate blossom by making a point to get to know him or her. Ask what they enjoy doing or how their weekend was.

Volunteer one or two hours a week with a non-profit charity. Ask your parents if they will even join you!

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Willow’s World
icon-mom Willow is born in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. Where is that located on the globe? What kind of butterfly is she?
icon-dad She just knows she was born with a special purpose but she doesn’t know what it is. Do you know your special purpose?
icon-mom Willow grows to love her new friends even though each one is different with a different point of view. Do you have friends you love even though each person is unique?
icon-dad Willow’s butterfly friends are nearly swept off the mountain. Who is honored as a hero? Did just one friend act heroically, or did many friends help?
icon-mom What happens that threaten the lives of the plants and animals on the mountain? What is the Circle of Life?
icon-dad Willow begins to doubt she’ll ever discover her special purpose. Have you ever doubted things would turn out fine for you? What happened?
icon-mom Wondrous Willow honors everyday heroes. What are everyday heroes? Are you an everyday hero?
Wondrous Willow


Percy is an adorable little hedgehog. He uses his cuteness to get out of the trouble he makes. What does Percy do that warns his friends he’s about to lose his temper?

Wondrous willow


Willow is the first Old World Swallowtail butterfly born on the side of the Rocky Mountain since the previous century. What century was that?


Skipper has a big problem that makes him shy and self-conscious. I bet you know what it is. Does Skipper learn to believe in himself?

What if you can change the world just by being you?

Every person is born into the world with a special purpose. Sometimes you know from the time you are very young what your special purpose is. Special Hint: Your special purpose is revealed in what you love to do. What do you enjoy that you are good at or would like to become good at that makes you happy? Tell us your story!

Willow would like to hear from you!

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Willow's World

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Meet the Author & Illustrator


Christine Horner is a Dayton Literary Peace Prize nominated author. Learn more at: www.ChristineHorner.com


Illustrator, Joey McGrellis is 19-years-old is currently studying computer animation.
Christine Horner
Joey McGrellis
Reader Praise
“Horner’s debut story has action and adventure as well as nature lore as the animals have to contend with the ramifications of events created by people, but the story really shines in the bucolic meadows by the river where Willow and her friends live. Wondrous Willow is highly recommended.” Jack Magnus

Readers' Favorite

Wonderful story through and through. And the pictures really allowed for the whole thing to come together. Absolutely a must read.Amazon.com Reviewer

Kristi J. Hale

I enjoyed this book so much I read it in one sitting. Ms Horner’s story is unique and had a good moral to it. It is very appropriate for boys and girls. A quick interesting read. I especially liked the illustrations by Mr. McGrellis he is very talented and has a great future in illustrating or any field he goes into.” LibraryThing.com Reviewer


Wondrous Willow Teaching Guide


Willow, an Old World Swallowtail Butterfly, is not your typical hero—she’s the hero behind the hero. Through Willow, children will learn that every person is unique and has a special purpose. Even those that are shy or introverted have the ability to help others to be their best self. The true hero acts out of selflessness, sometimes remaining behind the scenes so that others shine. That doesn’t mean the everyday hero isn’t important or isn’t recognized. Who do you know that is an everyday hero that you would like to finally receive some recognition? Nominate her or him today!

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Boys & Girls Ages 6-12+ • Reading Lexile Measure 1030L
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What if every child knew we’re all born with a special purpose?

Willow's Values

  • Your life is a wondrous gift to be explored.
  • Each one of us is unique.
  • You have a special purpose.
  • A true hero helps others to be their best self.

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